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Illustration Friday: Foggy

Michaels uncle Ferdinand lived on a very foggy island an he, the little boy he was, always wondered what the rest of his uncle looked like.

13.7.08 23:27


 Colored version of a sketch I once uploaded.

21.3.08 16:06

Illustration Friday: Blanket

Ok, for the first time I´m cheating... This is a sketch for an illustration for my writing class project named "The Monster Kasimir". It´s about a little boy and a scary creature watching him through his window on a cold winter night. Final illustrations should be coming in March.

4.2.08 15:25

Illustration Friday: The zoo & Superstition

Forget everything you´ve learned about bats. They cheat like there´s no tomorrow! Not only when it comes to playing cards.
Just a quick sketch because I´m way to busy for something big...I´m probably gonna color it around christmas. We´ll see.

Poor Karl ruined the 3rd mirror in one month. That makes...umm...21 years of bad luck. At least! And what do we learn from poor Karls story? Never sell mirrors to monsters. wait. Do it, you´ll become rich!

24.11.07 10:18


Dedicated to the whole week from November 12th to 18th.

24.11.07 09:56

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