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21.8.07 15:35

Illustration Friday: Captain & Discovery

Is this the end of the brave and oh-so-legendary Captain John Swallow?

It´s been a while since I last participated in IF. Things have changed a bit. I finished my apprenticeship as a media designer and now become a student in communications design in Mainz, starting in october. Till then I´ve got absolutely nothing to do. Life´s quite nice at the moment ;]

One day Chris had to discover that something about her was different.

21.8.07 15:23

Illustration Friday: Green & 80s

Broccola, the queen of all green! (Click it for larger version.)
I just looooove this weeks topic. There was so much going on in my head when I read it. Parts of my hair (I dyed em, of course ), apples (I prefer red one, though), broccoli (the most awesome vegetable ever), spring, nature, frogs, jealousy and all that stuff. And after aome thinking I came up with this weird rhyme: Green - Queen. Had to give it a go. And of course, broccoli´s not missing.
So, yeah, I´m still trying to improve my watercolor technique and I´m quite satisfied with this one. But: Tipps & critiques are always welcome.

And as I said last time, before I missed "I spy" and "Snap", I´m gonna upload one of the very old topics. This weeks choice: 80s. It wasn´t that easy to come up with something for this for I was born in 85 and missed most of the decade while pooing my pants and eating snow. But, after some thinking, I came up with two things about the 80s that seem really important to me: Germany reunited AND finest 80s Thrash-Metal appeared on the field. Young skinny guys in tight dirty jeans wearing long curly hair and ripped shirts while shredding their guitars. Definately the best thing about the 80s (just watch Metallica´s San Diego show ´89 on youtube). And of course this one was inspired by the godfather himself, James Hetfield. Sort of cute in the early Metallica years, then friggin sexy in "One" and still, 20 years later, a quite handsome one. Not that skinny anymore, though. So, here he it is, my take on 80s:

8.4.07 20:17

Illustration Friday: Total & Sprout

Total as in the german saying "total Banane", which is sort of similar to "totally nuts"...somehow. Well, just a quicky for this because this weeks topic just sucks big bananas!

But, and that´s more important, from this week on I´m trying to participate on a weekly base again. The hectic of the last months is mostly gone and I´ll upload one past topic illustration with the actual one. This week also included: Sprout. I had some fon with the topic, mostly because it reminded me of a childrens book I still own and absolutely loved as a kid. It was about a young girl who gets a little tomato plant. She puts it on her balcony and cares for it every day. It soon carries big red tomatoes. But one night a storm comes and the next morning the plant is gone ( I really suffered with her every time I read it!). In the end her neighbour finds the plant, brings it back to the girl and they eat some nice, delicious tomatoes. And this book was sort of an inspiration. Click for full view:

Watercolours have never been my friend so far. I started to work with them some weeks ago and I feel like I´m getting into it. Smaller areas aren´t that difficult, but my problem in this one was especially the sky. Maybe it´s the blue I used but for some reason I couldn´t get it stripeless. Oh well...

Tipps and critics always welcome!

18.3.07 16:26

Illustration Friday: Gravity

On a warm summer morning of the year 1682 Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity. Smart as he was he knew that the true story of his discovery could never become public. What would his fans think of him if they knew that the great Isaac Newton lost his pants? So he came up with a nice little story about trees, relaxing and falling apples that´s still told by teachers all over the world.

Just a quick sketch to post at least something this week. Maybe I´m gonna give it some color someday. I´m just too busy for IF right now...

Critics welcome as always!

18.2.07 10:19

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