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Her nose in the sky

She´ll never, and I mean never, allow you to sleep in her bed - except you´re dark, tall and handsome.

Heavily inspired by the Frog King. Somehow.

10.11.06 19:08

Illustration Friday: Clear


Marvin was convinced that his mother made the clearest soup in their street.

My first try on an IF topic...

10.11.06 22:20

Mama Sambona

Originally done as a character design for an illustration contest for a children´s book. In the end I didn´t have the time to do some serious illustrations and missed my chance to get at least some critics...

17.11.06 12:41

The hair that ate Hollywood

5min sketch, based on Reese Witherspoon in "Legally Blond". Trying to improve my abilities to draw anatomically correct people...

19.11.06 18:15

Illustration Friday: Invention

I love this weeks topic! I had loads of ideas popping into my mind [here you can see another one] when I read invention but I decided to go for this one: The telescope. It gave me the possibility to combine two things I like: watching stars all night long and history of science.

So, here he is, Galileo Galilei, seeing things noone has ever seen before him. He didn´t invent the telescope, though many people seem to think so. It was originally invented by Jan Lippershey in 1609  in Holland. Galilei only improved it. I read his biography last year and was captured by the thought what it´s gotta be like to see something so impressive first...and then being told that all that couldn´t be because one book says something different. But that´s another discussion.

I learned something from this, too: I need a tablet.

25.11.06 23:54

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