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Illustration Friday: Might

Difficult topic this week. Also because I´m not that familiar with all these superheroes. The only ones I know are Darkwing Duck (Let´s get dangerous! yeah)and Phantomias, aka Donald Duck. And yesterday morning it hit me like a rock when I had a look at my apartment and noticed that maybe I should do some housework. Which I hate...and so I created my own alter ego (yep, that´s me!), the mighty Hoovergirl.
Your room looks like a mess? Please don´t call her!

Click the image for a larger version. A real picture of my can be found on the "Über"-page, btw. Taken before pink took over my head...
The font I used is "creative block" found on .

3.12.06 13:27

Illustration Friday: Mask

Berta never like farmer Horst´s cold hands in the morning. And noone ever milked a horse, right?

Sure I know that horses can be milked, but does Berta know, too? I rarely drew any cows till today and my time of manic horse drawing is long gone too. Not to mention that it´s already Tuesday...
I´m always happy about tipps and critical comments because I´m still learning.

12.12.06 19:48


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